Jumping saddle Anatomica Pegasus– Sports Line

Product Description

The Anatomica Sports-Line Pegasus jumping saddle gives the rider optimal freedom of movement while jumping. This freedom of movement is created by the flat and short seat with small twist. The soft and comfortable knee rolls are anatomically shaped. These knee rolls, in combination with the calf knobs, ensure a stable leg position. The rider experiences optimal support before, during, and after the jump. The saddle flaps of this Anatomica Pegasus S-line jumping saddle are attached in a more forward position. This creates more freedom of movement for the horse while jumping. Furthermore, this jumping saddle has 3 girth straps, which ensure an even pressure distribution on the horse’s back. The saddle panels are available in synthetic wool or foam. With synthetic wool panels, the saddle is refillable, which makes the saddle very adjustable. Foam panels will shape the horse’s body when warming up and get back in shape when you take the saddle off the horse. The best choice depends on your intended use and the shape of your horse’s back. Your saddle fitter can decide which is the best for your horse.

This saddle can be fully customized. For example, this saddle can be custom-made with longer flaps or a different type of leather. In this way you can create your dreamsaddle!


  • Italian Leather
  • Flat seat
  • Anatomically shaped knee rolls
  • Calf knobs
  • Double saddle flaps
  • Available in smooth bovine- and calf leather, and in luxurious buffalo leather (buffalo leather is a bit stiffer and softer)
  • Available sizes: 16,5 17  17,5  18  inch
  • Available leather colours: black and brown

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This Anatomica saddle is available from: €2495,00