Custom work

Compose your very own unique Anatomica saddle!

Anatomica does not only offer custom made saddles to fit every horse. The saddles can also be custom made to fit any consumers wishes. The options for saddle personalization are unlimited.

Options to custom make a saddle to perfectly fit your horse:

  • Changes to the saddle tree
  • Adjustment of form and shape of the saddle panels
  • Adjustment of the girth tab system

Options to personalize your saddle:

  • Type of leather
  • Colour of the leather
  • Changes in piping colours
  • Changes in stitching colours

The following parts of the saddle can be altered to meet your wishes:

  • Back of the saddle
  • Piping in the seat
  • Saddle skirt
  • Saddle flaps
  • Saddle seat
  • Knee wrongs
  • Stitching
  • Saddle panels


Stirrup tab holder

Piping in seat