Custom work

Compose your very own unique Anatomica saddle!

Anatomica does not only offer custom made saddles to fit every horse. The saddles can also be custom made to fit any consumers wishes. The options for saddle personalization are unlimited.

Options to custom make a saddle to perfectly fit your horse:

  • Changes to the saddle tree
  • Adjustment of form and shape of the saddle panels
  • Adjustment of the girth strap system
  • Adjustment of the gullet

You can have the following components in a leather type and/or color made to your liking:

  • The cantle;
  • The pipings;
  • The saddle flaps;
  • The saddle skirt;
  • The seat;
  • The knee rolls;
  • The stitching;
  • The saddle panels;
  • The stirrup leather loops.

Some examples of the different options are given below. Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our resellers.



Saddle flaps

Saddle skirt


Knee roll



Stirrup leather loop