Each Anatomica dressage saddle is different and can be fully customized to your personal needs and preferences. Anatomica saddles are divided into three ranges: Luxe Line, Sports Line and Comfort Line.  Each range has its own characteristics and is therefore unique. Would you like to know the differences between Luxe , Sports and Comfort line? Continue reading this blog and you’ll find out!

Luxe Line

The Luxe Line includes the following saddles: Cygnus Short Roll, Cygnus Long Roll, Octant and Orion. Luxe Line saddles can be recognized by the yellow button on the front of the saddle. These saddles have a deep and comfortable seat, which makes them very comfortable for the rider and gives a great feeling between horse and rider. All Luxe Line saddles are standardly produced with double flaps, which is less fragile when you daily ride multiple horses. Lastly, Luxe Line saddles are fully made of luxe calf’s leather and you can personally choose the color of stitching used on the saddle.

It is possible to fully customize your Anatomica saddle with a single flap or different kinds of leather, but on a Luxe Line saddle you’re required to pay for your customized options.

Sports Line

The Sports Line includes the Cygnus Short Roll, Cygnus Long Roll and Octant. Sports Line saddles can be recognized by the silver ‘S-line’ logo. Sports Line saddles have a deep and comfortable seat, just like the Luxe Line Saddles. But Sports Line saddles are standardly made with close contact flaps, which means the saddle has just one flap where this flap is not attached to the front panels. Besides that, all S-line saddles have an ‘open-cut’ tree, which makes them very suitable for horses with high withers as well. This construction of the saddle gives a better connection and feel between the rider’s legs and the horse’s flanks, allowing a better connection between horse and rider. The S-Line saddles are standardly delivered with foam padded skirts, which supports your leg even more. Sports Line saddles can be made with Buffalo or Italian Calf’s leather. It’s possible to personally combine different kinds of leather for the seat & cantle, knee roll and skirts. You can also personally choose a color for the welt and stitching of the saddle.

Comfort Line

The Comfort Line includes only the Cygnus Short Roll and Cygnus Long Roll models. Comfort Line saddles are delivered with one of the girth straps through the top of the flap, because the flap is attached lower than with the other saddles. This gives the rider an even more close contact feeling because the saddle is closer to the horse and because you’re sitting more ‘around’ your horse instead of ‘on top’ of your horse. The comfort line saddle is made with a monoflap, in which the flap is attached to the front panels. This combination ensures the ultimate close contact feeling between horse and rider. Just like the S-line saddles, the C-line saddles can be made with Buffalo of Italian Calf’s leather.

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