Sports line long roll

Dressage saddle Anatomica Cygnus Long Roll – Sports Line

Product Description

The Anatomica Cygnus Long Roll dressage saddle gives the rider maximal leg support, while still allowing the rider to move his or her legs freely. The soft, comfortable knee wrong has been attached to the saddle skirt in a 90 degree angle. This makes a better connection and feel between the rider’s legs and the horse’s flanks possible, allowing for a better connection between horse and rider. This Cygnus saddle also gives maximal support to the rider’s upper leg.
Characteristic for the Anatomica S-line saddles are the mono-saddle flaps, that ensure a better connection between horse and rider. The smaller, filled saddle skirts give a lot of support to the riders upper legs. In addition, the saddle panel is short, preventing the saddle from putting too much pressure on the horse’s back. This creates more freedom of movement for the horse, resulting in more relaxation and better performance.


  • Deep and comfortable seat
  • Specially developed knee rolls that ensure a correct and stable leg position, and a unique freedom of movement for the knee
  • This saddle can be custom made for horses with a high withers
  • This saddle skirts can be custom made longer or shorter
  • Available in smooth bovine- and calf leather, and in luxurious buffalo leather (buffalo leather is a bit stiffer and softer)
  • Available sizes: 16,5 17  17,5  18  inch
  • Available leather colours: black and chocolate
  • Available piping colours: black, chocolate, London, blue and red
  • Available stitching colours: black, chocolate, grey and white

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This Anatomica saddle is available from: €3995,00